Thursday, September 6, 2007

o3 magazine :: issue 8 - Enterprise Email

Issue 8 of o3 magazine is now available for download. This issue provides an end-to-end guide for building and deploying an enterprise-grade email system. o3 is a FREE digital magazine produced by Spliced Networks.

The basic idea behind the solution is to place multiple SMTP relays out there that use recipient lists and relay domains, along with the usual RBLs to cut through the bulk of the spam. The relays then forward mail to the per-domain configured server. This is usually a bunch of servers in a load balanced cluster, but could easily be a single server to. Its not listed on the public MX list, and in fact its firewalled so that only the SMTP relays and permitted client networks can talk to it.

The DSPAM article looks at dropping DSPAM in between the relays and the hidden back end SMTP server. The MTA we use is Postfix, but the recipes work under Linux, BSD and MacOS X. The DSPAM article provides a complete deployment guide. There is an article on Dovecot to provide imapd and pop3, with an article on Encrypting Mail protocols and finally a look at RoundCube to provide web based access.

We didn't stop there though, the issue also looks at Voicemail / Email integration with Asterisk, and we pushed the envelope a little with a look at voicemail to text translation with Julius, a real-time speech recognition project.

There is also an article on MobilityEmail, a good alternative to Outlook if you need to support Windows clients.

Finally, if you check the back page of the magazine, there is a little hint at whats on its way! :)

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