Friday, September 14, 2007

Inside AppOS 4.0

AppOS is an open source appliance platform. You might be wondering where AppOS 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 are? Until now, AppOS shipped as an integrated hardware / software solution. Customers purchased a 1U or 2U SN-series appliance directly from Spliced Networks or through one of our resellers. AppOS came pre-installed either of disk or on flash. Customers received automated updates and received a quarterly DVD in the mail with the source code.

Spliced Networks, unlike the majority of the other "appliance platform" companies out there, has actually shipped appliances and a lot of them. We have been there, understand the requirements, the process and the problems. This is why AppOS 4.0 is a far superior platform to the competition.

AppOS 4.0 sports all of the features we had in previous releases. The firmware style imaging system, the zero-day attack protection, the virtually instant OS upgrades and the centralized management system. With AppOS 4.0, we've improved on all of these features, further enhanced security and performance. However, with 4.0, we've introduced seamless virtualization without significantly increasing the image size.

AppOS 4.0 can switch seamlessly between our traditional AppOS image system, and a VM based system. It can run both systems simultaneously as well. Unlike other virtual appliances, AppOS 4.0 maintains its highly secure platform within the VM. Making it the most secure Linux-based appliance solution available today.

So if you are looking for the most secure, most highly optimized "JeOS", with the worlds smallest hypervisor built right in, stay tuned. AppOS 4.0 is coming.

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