Wednesday, September 12, 2007

JeOS .. Nice try but just too much

With VMworld wrapping up tomorrow, we are seeing the emergence of JeOS. JeOS is Just Enough OS, in the Ubuntu world its apparently 280MB. Nice try! Its not just the Canonical folks that are pumping this concept either. rPath seem to have jumped on the bandwagon too.

The concept of JeOS is not new, the fancy marketing buzzword is interesting but its unfortunate they didn't apply as much effort into engineering these solutions. Gentoo is smaller than 280MB, even Debian base is smaller than that so I'm not sure what kind of "juice" they've been passing around the Canonical offices, but 280MB is a joke.

Good to see that the industry is catching up with Spliced Networks. Took them over 4 years! AppOS 1.0 shipped as 160MB "JeOS", with 4.0 down to under 30MB, we must have the leading JeOS around!

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