Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A better solution..

Sales and Marketing people will sell you anything that moves, if you're paying, they're selling. They don't care if its the right solution, they don't even care if it does what you think it should do, they just want your money and make the sale. Companies don't keep using their products because its the best product, they keep using the product because they spent too much money on it and don't want to admit to their boss that it was a bad decision. I'm not too fond of technology marketing people!

Spliced Networks is a company built by engineers. Our mission statement is simple and accurate - "Build innovative and secure solutions for the Enterprise Network..", in other words a better solution. We won't sell you anything unless we believe it is the most innovative and most secure solution you can buy today. If its missing something you need, we'll create it and on many occasions, build you something even better.

Spliced Networks is dedicated to building faster, more secure and more innovative server and network appliance solutions. You won't find us mucking about with X-Windows, KDE or Gnome. The fact that we don't care about X-Windows or need to support it, enables us to offer far superior security solutions that other vendors have to sweep under the rug.

AppOS 4.0.0 is nearing FCS, when its released, servers will never be the same again!

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