Monday, December 24, 2007

Spliced Networks acquires stealth startup

Spliced Networks will ring in the new year with the acquisition of a networking related stealth startup. The deal was signed and secured over the weekend. With this acquisition, Spliced Networks will extend its product portfolio to complete with Cisco, Vyatta and offer virtual layer 2-7 switching for use in blade and virtualized environments.

The benefits of this acquisition will be seen quickly, as Spliced Networks plans to ship the startup's Application Switch Accelerator during Q1 2008. An application switch is an advanced load balancing switch which has SSL acceleratior and DoS attack protection capabilities built in. The Application Switch Accelerator is designed to enhance existing Application Switch deployments by off-loading some of the CPU intensive tasks that limit the scalability of aging Application Switches. The accelerator allows customers to continue to enjoy the ROI on existing application switch deployments.

The acquisition will allow Spliced Networks to position AppOS to compete against VMware's Enterprise product line in 2008.

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