Friday, October 12, 2007 feels the heat

It seems that the traditional media is starting to feel the heat from o3 magazine's high quality, high tech content. Many of you were aware that we signed on Mayank Sharma as Editor in Chief. Mayank is a great young guy from India who works as a freelance open source journalist and editor. Mayank was being eased into the role of EiC, he has done a great job editing o3 articles and he just started writing for o3 with issue 9.

Following a week long visit from Robin "Roblimo" Miller down in India, Mayank was forced by to quit o3 magazine. We wish Mayank the best of luck with his future ventures. We already have two new editors signed up, but we are reworking some of the articles that Mayank had access to for issue 10.

We have decided to not run issue 11 on Ohio LinuxFest, as we felt the coverage over on our o3 linuxfest blog was sufficient. Instead, issue 11 will look at JeOS - "Just Enough OS". Both issues are on their way..

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